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I started dancing Tango when I was 14 years old back in 1993 right after watching a TangoX2 performance at the theater. My teacher, Jorge Colosio, was a man in his 70 who taught me the steps and moves from the 1930/1940’s that he learned as a child and then as a young adult. I took more than 200 lessons in less than a year. As you may (or may not) know, Tango eventually went out of fashion but returned to spark in the 80’s when the show Tango Argentino toured the world. So, back to 1993, dancing tango socially was not that popular in Rosario. In fact, I remember going to the only milonga with most people above 50! Today, after almost 24 years, my dancing has changed. I’m not the same dancer I was at 17. But one thing remains the same: I listen to the same songs with the same passion and love I felt those early days. And since Tango is so personal in many ways, I’m working on a new project called:

“Confessions of Tango Lovers”. Those will be letters sent directly to me and written by Tango enthusiasts of all levels: beginners, intermediate, professionals, dancers, musicians from all around the world. I will be publishing them once or twice a week on my blog.

It is completely anonymous. I won’t post names. I ask for a set of questions and whatever you want to disclose is fine. Names of other people cannot be disclosed either.

I want the reader to discover about the person’s true feelings without being exposed. What is important to me is that you can express freely and with no worries of being judged or questioned.

Here are some questions as a guide. You can answer all or some, or just write about yourself and your Tango experience.

How did you discover Tango?

Who introduced it to you?

Why did you start?

When did you start?

Did you start with a friend or partner?

What did you think about your teacher?

How was your experience with your classmates? Did you build-up any friendships?

How was your close embrace experience?

What do you think when you listen to the music? Would you like to know more about the lyrics? Are there any songs that make your emotions come out?

What are your thoughts when you dance?

What kind of dancer do you wish you become?

Do you have any expectations of your partner?

How a perfect partner would be? Is that person available? Dances with you?

Do you have a regular partner?

Do you like dancing with strangers?

What makes you want to dance with someone?

What makes a good milonga for you?

Have you danced in cities or countries other than your own? If so, were the experiences any different?

How would you describe your style?

If you are a leader, have you ever tried following?

If you are a follower, have you ever tried leading?

If you both lead and follow, do you prefer one above the other?

Have you ever had a “tango crisis”?

Do you like being surprised by your partner?

Do you like tango shows?

Do you like to attend concerts by tango bands and singers?

Will you dance tango for the rest of your life?

What do your non-tango friends think about you dancing tango?

Have you ever entered a competition? Would you like to?

Do you agree with the statement: “Tango is walking”?

Has tango changed the way you feel or do things in your life or work?

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